Slovakia in the circularity of history

I am finally able to begin writing my paper on Slovakia; a country the world knows little about, and should. A young democracy (25+ years-old), with a great potential to contribute on the world stage. The Slovaks have a torch to carry that is not unlike most young nations in a world that becomes more complex and exacting with each year’s passing. My paper will unveil my idea of the circularity of history, the movement of people into the Carpathian Basin, their settlement, and the struggle to retain an identity as a culture, despite the forces of history and ideas working against the best interest of the burgeoning Slovak ideal. My idea is this; history is a circle, not a line, and it moves through time, constantly performing the same motifs in its orchestrations, some instruments playing louder than others, yet the song remains the same.

This paper will be posted to in the coming months. I am nearing completion of a prologue to limn out my purpose, methodology, and most importantly my influences. I am a novice historiographer and would like to excite my reader with a small slice of my passion for history, and more importantly, the manner in which Slovakia and the Slovaks have been role-players in the history of Central Europe. My bags are packed (metaphorically speaking) and I will begin yet another journey through a brief macro-history and then on to the present-day Slovaks and their destiny, to stand with the nations of the world.

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