….Will He?…Or Won’t He…

Yesterday I was asked several times, out of concern, whether I was ok. I am fine…we are fine here in Slovensko. The actions and paranoia of one man has led to terror, confusion, and lives lost. I am posting this to let everyone know that I will be ok. If I can allow myself any thought to me…it will be that I can fly to Albania next Saturday the 5th of March. I haven’t seen anything on Austrian Airlines website that says they aren’t flying; yet.

I have been reading some of the news from the west, and I want to clear up some confusion. History tells us that this an action by Putin to set up a clear border to the west, against NATO and its functions. Kiyv is the capital of Ukraine, and one of the “cradles of Russia”. It is historically where the Viking Oleg set up Kievan Rus in 882. He united the Slavic and Finnish tribes. It wouldn’t be but another 400 years that the consolidated power that held sway ( and wavered at times) came to an end with the Mongol incursions into the west in the 13th century. Eventually the Kyivan Rus heartland would be supplanted by the strength of the Muscovite (Moscow) boyars (counts) after power had moved from Kyiv to Novgorad and then to Moscow…owing to the boyars “accomodating the Khanate from the east”. There are countless factors that led to the shift in the seat of power. The fact of the matter is that the Ukraine is the birthplace of what was to become the eventual state of Russia.

The country’s struggle against Russian authoritarianism is not new. In fact, Ukraine has been developing a political culture centered around rights and against tyranny for centuries. In the Middle Ages, Kyivan Rus’ was a pluralistic political entity organized around multiple centers of influence of city-states, without a single tyrannical ruler. In the early modern period, the Ukrainian Cossack polity formed a model of republican politics and contractual idea of the state different from the rising Muscovite authoritarianism. In the 19th century, Ukrainian intellectuals developed an idea of bottom-up politics focused on autonomous communities (hromadas), against tsarist autocracy. And in the 20th century, the Ukrainian version of socialism was oriented towards European models of cooperative economics and emancipation of peasants and workers, rather than the Russian model of a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” Cite: Ukraine’s Past Is Present – Yermolenko

Over the preceding centuries, the Romanovs gained a vast territory, through military conquest, suppression of any opposition, and denial of basic freedoms (sufferage,self-determination…etc). After the Russian Revolution in 1917, the situation with Ukraine became a great issue. I would urge anyone who has even a fleeting interest in what has lead up to this point to look at a source that is an “objective history”, and I don’t suggest you look at any modern media for answers. Look at the history and decide for yourself. There has been a great deal said in the last few days that is patently fals

If you want to understand the zeitgeist of this period, you must look back and see what horrors that have been perpetrated against Ukraininas, like the Holodomor, for instance. Putin is doing what every other iron-fisted dictator has done; he is denying history, succumbing to his own paranoia that his once powerful country (Soviet Union) has become a footnote from the past, and most importantly – he is displaying a lack of sanity. I am happy to see photos of Russians in their streets, protesting against this vile activity by Putin.

I appreciate all of your concerns and don’t mind being inundated with calls and texts. I am posting this to let you know that I am fine..we are fine. The Slovaks seem to think that Putin witll stop at Ukraine and secure his western flank for now…for now. Until then, we are preparing to accept the refugees flowing through our eastern border. I will keep you all posted (no pun intended) and I thank you for your love and support

One thought on “….Will He?…Or Won’t He…

  1. Niel, not all that is written or said by the press is “spin”. It depends on which ones you read or listen to. One must be discerning. The trouble is that people do not know history, and many do not want to know history or anything for that matter. In the last 7 years or so, I have never seen so much ignorance on the part of Americans. What schools did they attend? Especially those who have no regard for public health and for each other Is a mask going to kill them? Now we know who can follow rules and who cannot and will not. I have now read all of your blog entries.


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